Levendes (Detroit)

Location: Detroit, MI
Website:  http://www.levendes.com/

The Levendes started as kids in 1975 and have been together for 25 years giving each member of the Levendes an average of 23 years stage experience.  They started playing weddings, festivals and dances and have performed for  countless audiences across the U.S. and Canada.  They give a unique flair to traditional and modern Greek  music with a vast repertoire of Dimotika,  Rebetika and modern Laika.  They have performed with many Greek stars ranging from the Trio Bel Canto to Yiannis Parios.  Members of the Levendes collectively have 11 professional recordings to their credit including the four popular Levendes CD's "Welcome to Greektown,"  "Taverna,"  "Mediteranean Montage" and "Athens After Dark".  In 2006, The Levendes released their fifth CD, “Double Exposure” in which they take Greek music to a new level.

The Levendes bring their many individual talents together to form a sound so unique, one has to hear it to believe it.  If your affair deserves the best in Greek and American music, THE LEVENDES are definitely the band for you.