Rhodians (Detroit)

Location: Detroit, MI
Website: http://www.georgekarpathios.tripod.com

The Rhodians have been performing together originally since 1963.  Mike Simon age 14, Basil Simon age 12 and George Karpathios age 10.  Since then, the Rhodians have traveled and performed in over 40 States, Canada and Greece.  They have been featured on many television and radio stations as well.  Many articles have been written about the talents the band has had over the years, and continues to do so.  The Rhodians have also been a catalist for begining "Greek" musicians, to get a start in the Greek music industry.  Over the years the Rhodians have helped many young musicians begin their own bands and to keep the traditions ongoing in America.  (like the Levendes, the Grecian Guards, Enigma, the Jr. Rhodians, and more)  With the addition of Nick and Vasili, The Rhodians continue to promote young talented Greek musicians onto the stage.  They have also been very instrumental in holding various fund raising activities for many Greek churches and organizations, donating thousands of dollars to needy families.