Arkadia (Canada)

Location: Regina, SK
"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul." - Plato

From the beginning, Arkadia embarked on a journey far beyond the musical roots of the mountainous region of Greece for which they are named.

Tempted by sirens, flying too close to the sun, engulfed by golden shores and swept away by the azure tides of the Mediterranean, it’s been an exhilarating musical odyssey.

It has led the band to performances across Canada and in the United States, often leaving a trail of broken plates behind. They have received radio airplay around the planet and a spot on EMI Record’s CD entitled “The Best Greek Album Ever” in which Arkadia rubs shoulders with the who’s who of the Greek music world.

With the release of Arkadia’s third CD, “Beyond Forever”, the band’s exploration of melodies and rhythms has taken them to exotic ports farther than ever from familiar shores, without ever losing the essence and anthemic passion of the Greek spirit.

Arkadia is...

Niko Kourles - Vocals
Stavroula Fourlas - Vocals
George Dimas - Keyboards, Bouzouki
Stephan Lentzos - Guitar
Georgia Laloudakis - Vocals
Peter Fourlas - Dumbek

Special Guests...
Daniel Hagan - Bass
Mike Krywulak - Violin
Blair Panagabko - Drums
Jayson Brinkworth - Drums