Takis Kokotas (California)

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Website: http://www.takiskokotas.com

TAKIS KOKOTAS: At a very young age Takis knew in his heart he was destined to perform.
He made his way on radio programs in his
native suburb of Athens, Greece entertaining and singing.
His first appearance was on the Yiorgos Economidis Talenta Revue. Including other performances on Costas Venetsanos' Radio Hour.
Takis' passion for music grew and he made friends quickly with other musicians and pursued his dream to reach a wider audience when he made his way to America in the late seventies.
He performed in various venues mesmerizing the audience. Performing in Hollywood, New York, Washington, DC, Las Vegas,
San Francisco, and other major cities.

Today Takis has a loyal following whenever he exclusively performs. He has earned a reputation of being a genuine person and someone that is always fun to be around with.
Yes Even famous celebrities like actor "Tom Hanks" were taken away as Takis performed at his wedding reception. Takis has an enjoyable personality, and you will always feel that when he performs. Yassou Takis! Opa! Takis is a also a successful business person and dedicated to his Family. He is also very active in the Greek and American Community.

Takis performs for exclusive engagements backed by the best Greek performing and studio session musicians in California.