Ydrousa (New Jersey)

Location: New Jersey, NJ
Website: http://members.aol.com/ydrousagr/ydrousa/

Ydrousa: One of the original names for the cycladic island that today is known as Andros.

The Ydrousa Band is made up of two members, Nikolaos Dogias and Avgoustis Dogias. Nikolaos plays the violin and his brother Avgoustis the Greek lute. Ydrousa plays traditional as well as modern/contemporary island music. 

Popular songs such as zeimbekika and tsiftetelia (belly dance), both older and contemporary also make up a significant part of the band's repertoire so that every single one of Ydrousa's appearances can satisfy a broad range of Hellenic music and provide pleasure, fun and of course... dancing! Depending on the customers' demands, additional instruments such as bouzouki, keyboards, guitar, drums, etc. are also available.

The Dogias brothers live in New Jersey. The mostly play in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, yet they have also appeared as far as Massachusetts, and Florida. Ydrousa usually plays at dances, festivals, private parties, weddings, baptisms, and basically at any occasion where there is a demand for Greek music.